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Premium Grounding

Grounding & Earthing Bed Sheet

Grounding & Earthing Bed Sheet

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "I've suffered from inflammation and noticed a difference immediately after using these sheets. My inflammation has reduced markedly and I'm now sleeping better than I've ever slept before." - Kara, Victoria


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Why is this Underlay Better Than Other Sheets?

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Premium Grounding Sheet for Enhanced Sleep Quality

Looking for the highest quality Earthing products? Experience the power of the earth from the comfort of your bedroom with our Premium Grounding Sheet. Specially designed to fit seamlessly on your bed, this grounding sheet harnesses the natural energies of the earth to promote improved sleep, reduced stress, and enhanced overall well-being.


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    Key Benefits of Grounding Mat:

    Unleash the Power of Having a Grounding Bed

    When you sleep, your body craves connection with the Earth's vital energy. Our Premium Grounding Sheet offers an effortless way to bridge that gap. Crafted from a blend of 30% stainless steel fibre and 70% cotton, this 175cm x 190cm marvel of engineering guarantees you a transformative experience.

    Embrace Nature's Antioxidant

    Harness the anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and anti-aging properties of Earth’s electrons, seamlessly delivered through our premium earthing sheet. As you rest, these powerful electrons work tirelessly, neutralising inflammation, reducing stress, and mitigating the effects of harmful EMFs that surround us daily.

    Experience Unparalleled Comfort

    Indulge in the luxurious feel of our Premium Earthing Sheet, reminiscent of light denim, it breathes effortlessly and sits snugly beneath your regular bed sheet. 

    Our Premium Grounding Bed Sheet is perfect for:

    • Individuals seeking natural ways to improve sleep quality.
    • Those looking to reduce stress and anxiety levels.
    • Anyone interested in exploring the benefits of grounding/earthing.
    • People who suffer from inflammation or pain


    You Own Earthing Mattress - Product Overview:

    • Grounding Sheets For Bed - Universal Bed Fit: Also know as an earthing mattress cover. Compatible with all bed sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your sleeping space. 
    • Advanced Conductive Grounding Technology: Made with high-quality, conductive materials that effectively channel earth’s natural energies.
    • Health Benefits: Aids in reducing inflammation, improving circulation, and promoting deeper, more restorative sleep.
    • Easy Setup: Simply place under your bedsheet and connect to a grounding port for instant benefits.
    • Durable and Safe: Crafted for longevity with safe, non-toxic materials.
    • Hygienic and Easy to Clean: Designed for hassle-free maintenance, ensuring your sleeping environment remains fresh and hygienic. Our underlays are machine washable. We recommend you wash them every few months
    • Eco friendly: Our underlays contain stainless steel mesh and cotton (be wary of competitors selling products using polyesters and vinyls)

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    What makes this the best Earthing Sheet in Australia?

    Our earthing underlays offer distinct advantages over other earthing sheets and sleep mats on the market. Unlike products made with silver or carbon coatings, our underlays are impervious to damage from body creams, lotions, essential oils, magnesium oils, sweat, body oils, or hair oils.

    The fabric construction makes our underlays far more durable and long-lasting compared to black carbon-coated polyurethane (leatherette) sleep mats or low-quality 5-10% silver-coated cotton sheets that often have an unappealing grey grid pattern.

    Many competing products use low-cost materials that have low conductivity to the Earth. This means you need to lay directly on them, which is uncomfortable and annoying and offers limited conductivity if you wear pyjamas. They also experience more wear and tear, meaning they don't last as long. 

    Also be wary that sheets infused with silver can easily become oxidised, rendering them useless. This is why we only use high quality stainless steel mesh and back it with a 3 year warranty. 

    Premium Quality

    Unlike traditional grounding sheets, our innovative underlays are engineered to work seamlessly through your bedding and fitted sheets.

    Because our sheets include 30% stainless steel mesh, they are strongly connected to the Earth, creating a conductive channel that effectively transfer earth's electrons to your body so that you can experience all of the benefits.

    By eliminating direct contact with your grounding underlay, the fabric is shielded from normal wear and tear, ensuring exceptional longevity and durability.

    For a superior earthing experience without compromising quality, our underlays provide an exceptional solution that outperforms other options on the market. 


     What's Included in the box?

    • 1x Premium Earthing Bed Underlay (175cm x 190cm)
      • Made of 30% stainless steel (316) fibre and durable cotton 
      • Feels similar to a light denim material, breaths well and is barley noticeable under a bed sheet
      • Goes underneath your fitted sheet so that you always have a grounded bed
    • 1x Grounding Adapter/Cord (Compatible with your shipping address)
    • Grounding Sheet Guarantee3-Year Money Back Guarantee
    • Premium Earthing Mats and Grounding SheetsPremium Quality
    • free delivery truckFree + Fast Shipping

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    90 day trial grounding mat

    90-Day Risk-Free Trial

    We are so confident you'll love our products that we offer a 90-Day Risk Free Trial & 3 Year Warranty on grounding sheets.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 72 reviews
    Megan Williams
    It works!

    I slept poorly the first night, after the second night I forgot all about it, but when I was doing jobs I realised something was different - the aches in my upper and lower back weren't there!

    Amazing results

    I’ve had bad hip pain for years. It would scream at me in the middle of the night. I was tired of taking so many pills so I went looking for something else for the inflammation. The first night using a grounding sheet I had zero pain and slept through the night. It has also helped with nightly acid reflux. It won’t cure old age but it sure has helped me. Rarely does my hip hurt but when it does it’s barely noticeable, and not screaming. This sheet is high quality and it will last a long time. I like the 30% conductivity compared to lesser 5% sheets. For the money it was worth it. And delivery to Denver, Colorado was lightning fast!


    The grounding sheet arrived quickly and was well-packaged. The quality is definitely premium and I noticed benefits from the first night

    Jennifer Jackson

    I've noticed better circulation in my legs since using the grounding sheet. Most nights i lay in bed feeling a light tingle and sense of relaxation move thorugh my body

    Brian S

    This prodcut has completely changed my energy and mood for the better. Thanks James for answering all my questions. I recommend these sheets to everyone!

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